The Wills Girls  - Sharayah

Four Guns

Eat. Cry for 20 minutes. Throw up. Feel better for 20 minutes. Cry due to hunger. Eat. Cry for 20 minutes. Throw up. Feel…

Well, you get the picture. This kid- even as a baby- recognized a Milacon Drops bottle. She would flail around happily when the thing was brought out. Before you ask, maybe I did think about tossing her in the Atlantic and letting dolphins (the friendly bottle-nose ones) raise her.. But I’d never admit to that in court.

Sharayah Wills- the eldest child of the family

This girl started her life as most of us did- quite young. We were blessed with this child who was born a full six weeks early and because of this her stomach was six weeks too young for real food. So this is the pattern of life we had with her for the next six months: before you say anything - yes; I thought it would only take six weeks for her belly to catch up with the rest of her, but apparently it was in some sort of remedial developmental program… anyway, the pattern:

She is also an accomplished artist, dealing mainly with sculpting and pottery making. Her drawings are also quite good, but she won’t admit it. Now that she’s done with college, she spends her days in the Air Force. Yes, good citizens of the world, Sharayah “Crazy Gal” Wills is now ensuring your safety. Makes it easy to sleep at night, doesn’t it? If that doesn’t, remember that Robert “It’s Happy Hour somewhere, right?” Wills is still in as well.

So, overall, you’re all relatively safe. Print out the above photo and stick it on your fridge, if it helps any.

Two generations of military service- actually three; Robert’s father retired from the Air Force as a Master Sergeant.

You should give the military a try as well. Remember, service means citizenship.

River Walk, San Antonio. That’s some nice clean water there!

Thanks Ape Family for not moving from behind us when we asked. What we really wanted was a bunch of Cro-Magnons in our photo.

                          The Smithsonian called. They want you all back in the display by tomorrow.

Proud and Happy Mom:

Proud that her daughter is now a member of the greatest Air Force on the planet.

And happy that she now has an extra guest room...