Ma and Pa Wills

Robert Wills - the head of the clan (at least on paper)

    Usually above average in the popularity polls, this fine gentleman spends his time handing money over on demand to his children even though they no longer live at home.  He tends to retreat to his workshop to tinker and repair antique furniture as well as creating new pieces of furniture from antique wood, and occasionally inventing a never before seen contraption or two. His children are wise to him and whenever he tells them they are getting “something new”, they immediately ask “new to us, or new from a store?”.  In the Wills clan, there is a great difference between these two definitions of “new”.
  The incident that is commonly referred to as the “Infamous Bicycle Episode” (as it is now called), is a classic example. It began with the declaration “everyone is getting new bicycles!” which was followed by great cheering from the women of the family. Unbeknownst to them however, Robert had recently gone to the recycle center and removed all the bicycles from the scrap metal bin and combined them into three very nice composites; 21 speed mountain bikes with front shocks, Shimano gears and  grip shifters, direct-pull brakes, well, you get the picture…

When given the chance, Robert will hang out online under his fighting pseudonym- Zoddious (that's Lord Zoddious to you, whelp!).  Whether he is getting whipped by 13-year old boys who play Halflife 23 1/2 hours a day instead of having a real life, or harassing empaths in some adventure game ('Hey baby, my lips are chapped, how about a kiss to smooth them out??"), he sticks with the name "Zoddious", so if you see him around, say hello, except for the online game Gemstone IV- that Zoddious is no longer this Robert. 

Laura Wills - the matriarch of the clan.

    When she wants it her way, baby she gets it! The house operates with the understanding that "If Mamma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!"  Her duties involve the care and feeding of the aforementioned Robert and whatever strikes her fancy as far as crafting/stamping/baking. With the kids out of the house, she bakes regularly for the people in Robert’s office and the friendly German ladies next door. Yes, there are two friendly Germans and we live right next to them. Figure the odds!
    Laura also enjoys Stamping Up parties, Pampered Chef parties, Bunco parties, and... well, let's just say if there's some sort of gathering of women, Laura is most likely there. She gets invited regularly because at the "buy this stuff" type parties, she does.  However it must be said that even though she is a great woman through and through, she can't win a Bunco game to save her life! So as far as Bunco goes, she is, as Nathan Detroit would say, an easy mark.

Since she’s ‘childless’ Laura now offers her years of experience and wisdom to younger mothers in a great program called Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS).  Mainly her advise is “You think the terrible two’s are bad? Wait till they’re teenagers!” The young mothers really seem to like this sort of advise.

Along with the MOPS, she’s a PWOCer. Or, as they say when it’s not short-titled Protestant Women of the Chapel er. Groups of like-minded women gather weekly to share experiences, conduct Bible studies and devotionals, an overall support for each other. And oftentimes, eat a snack. It’s great fun. If you’re military, ask your chaplain about PWOC. If there isn’t a chapter there, crowd him/her and say “and why not!”. No, no, don’t do that. Just go to the PWOC web page HERE for information.

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