Life in the High Desert

After the Storm, we picked up this cool Geo Metro for Sharayah. It was an old Pizza Deliver car! The Cabana Cruiser rolls into Sierra Vista!

Not THREE DAYS later stinking Old Lady Snowbird from somewhere up north runs a red light in front of her and totals the Cabanna Cruiser. She tried to say the light was green. Too bad the cops said otherwise!

From August 2006 until 2009, this was our home. OK. Life at Fort Huachuca, Arizona. Nice and relaxing?? Not after the Wills Clan showed up! There's organized Bunco in the neighborhood, Hot Tub parties, and of course a never ending drama involving teenagers and their cars. Photos of accidents WERE going to go on their own page, but I think now I will intersperse them with these photos. It was too depressing to put them all together. There were 8 total in 3 years.

By the way- to whoever you are in Hawaii that keeps coming to this page- sorry for the delay. Google Earth doesn't pinpoint your house through your IP Address well enough for me to send you a letter, but even so...nice neighborhood!

We move in on 1 August. Which means its time† to start gathering stuff for Halloween because† decorating around here starts on 1 September!

So Sharayah, soon after arriving, goes back to black hair...AND chops it all off!

Nothing says "We're happy to be in the neighborhood" like a cemetery in your front yard the first week of October!

So having teenagers means buying cars for them. In our house, that also means they wreck them. Often. Here's Sharayah's 1995 Geo Storm. Version 1.1

The deal was that this Dork of an MP who WASN'T even a traffic cop was chasing some other car, blew into an intersection and hit her hard enough to flip her. THEN he tried to give her a ticket for "Damage to Govt Property". JAG straightened it out and they paid for everything. Hah!

I forgot to mention- the only thing that kept Sharayah alive when her car flipped over, hit another car upside down and landed on her roof was that her head didn't stick up past her headrest. Who said 5 foot 3 wasn't a lucky size?


Not THREE DAYS later stinking Old Lady Snowbird from somewhere up north runs a red light in front of her and totals the Cabanna Cruiser. She tried to say the light was green. Too bad the cops said otherwise!

Between Disneyland and California Adventures they have the letters that spell "California". Here's the letters we care about...

The ABSOLUTE highlight of Laura's trip to Disnleyland was getting to ride Mister Toad's Wild Ride. It's been taken out of Disney World (stinking Mike Eisner!) and isn't in EuroDisney. We don't know about Tokyo Disney...†

††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††† Click Here for the secret Mister Toadís Page!

Of course, since we were right in San Diego, we just HAD to take some time to get on the water. Here's Laura manning the rigging.

Along with Monsoon Seasons- we get a pretty good amount of snow. Here's Alyssa relaxing in the hot tub when a good little snowfall started up.

Oh yeah- Alyssa came with us as well. Here she is with Tinker Bell. Sharayah opted out of coming so she could have wild parties in the house for a week straight. Ahh teenagers.


Here's Robert on the tiller. It was a GREAT hour's worth of sailing until we made for the marina. The winds died to nothing and after fighting to tack in with no wind for an HOUR, we accepted a tow from a Jet Ski. I'm not proud...

The Haunted Mansion was entertaining as usual. COOL TRIVIA: The organ in the Wake scene is the original organ from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. All the other parks have replicas of it.

Here's something REALLY cool. At the Mile Long Bar in Pecos Bill's Cafe in Disney World AND in the Country Bear Jambouree, they had Max, Buff, and Melvin who would talk and sing. At Disneyland, they were in the Country Bear Jamoree as well. When they took that out and put in the Winnie the Pooh ride, they left them in! When you ride the ride, and get to the part with the Hefalumps and Woozles, look over the car and behind you. They're STILL on the wall!

Speaking of Alyssa- Back from Disney in the summertime. The girls are out playing in a culvert and end up having a mud fight. I have to hose them off in the yard. Notice the young man who SHOULD be moving boxes. He stops to watch the hosing down of the girls. Creep!

So we went on the Tower of terror and used my trusty digital camera to snap the photo they try to sell you. Now the photos have a watermark so you canít take the photo for free. Bums!