Welcome to the Cave of the Wills Clan

Actual Photo Of The Wills Clan!

In Case You Didn't Know...

     We are the Wills Clan. We seem to move around the world at the whim of the most curious of large corporations in the Universe; the U.S. Army. At the moment we find ourselves in Stuttgart, Germany.

     We try to make friends with everyone by referring to Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia as “the former German Republics”. And of course calling every frenchie we see a “Frenchie”. So overall,  as with our tour in Northern Mexic… err Arizona, yet again the locals are strange and speak differently than us, and once again the food is good, and the beer served by the liter. Or Litre as they call it out here.

Relocation Relocation Relocation!

Once again, we've moved.  We’re now in Stuttgart in southern Germany. And, NOW the birds (or rats, really) have flown the coop/nest. We’re empty Coopers. Or empty Nester. Either way, the kids are out of the house so we only hear from them five or six times a day when they call. Each. That’s a dozen calls a day. A typical 42 minute television episode takes 1 1/2 hours to watch. This is a cautionary tale for you potential empty nesters- change your phone number as soon as the kids leave! Make them write you letters instead!

So, the plan is still in place to do this gig in Germany then Robert retires from the Army (and pretty much everything else). Thanks to my friend's lectures on Peak Oil, we will be buying a sailboat to cruise the oceans to fill the time between retirement and death. The boat that is leading the list of candidates to act as the Wills Mobile Home (a good name for a boat) are the 42-47 foot Leopard Catamarans . A nice biodiesel engine will give us power if we need it, but otherwise it will be the wind working for us. Sorry, I got a little off track there.

Something else Robert will be doing with his free time is writing- if you’re in the market for a rollicking fantasy fiction story with great illustrations (suitable for ages 12 and up) click on over to www.robertpwills.com OR, just click the Buy the Book on Amazon button at the top.

So we’re still planning our trip down into Mexico to tour some of the Alien/Aztec Pyramids. Stupid drug wars keep wrecking our plans!  You know they were built by Aliens, just admit it. The pyramids, not the drug lords...  We also never made it down to Belize to visit our two properties there (one in Progresso, the other in the capital of Belmopan). If you want to live near us (who wouldn't?), hop over to www.progressoheights.com and pick up a plot of land yourself. We have a lot on Pelican Place, section 4, lot 409/94. It's really nice down there; they speak English, the exchange rate is set at 2:1 by the Government, and we are only a few hours from Cancun. And if you DON'T want us as neighbors, you can buy this piece of property we have in the capital of Belize- Belmopan. It's a nice spot for a house or business!  Give it a look! We will hop down there while we're in Florida.

   Belize is the place to live- it's right on the Carib, and Progresso Heights is on a great inland lagoon so we have ocean access. I can feel the salt spraying over the bow of my Cat-cruiser; either Passing Wind (if I get my way) or the 7 Fathoms (if Laura gets her way). Passing Wind because I like passing wind, and a sailboat really, really needs a passing wind. Yeah, Laura's not going for it either. So it will probably be 7 Fathoms, since after all, a fathom is 6 feet, so a 42 foot boat would be, you guessed it, 7 fathoms long. If we get the 45 or 47 foot Cat, we may have to add "and a bit" to the name, so we might just have to go with the 42 footer just to make the name fit better. Maybe I can name the skiff Passing Wind...